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  • Ump at age 11

    How can a person become an umpire at age 11 and a level 2 at 14 ?

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    Started by Ump29

  • Balk to 2nd base

    In our game this week the opposing team had a runner on second base. We had our pitcher "Wheel" around and fake the throw to second. Foot...

    7 137

    Started by patrick_mccarthy_hfx

  • Making an Out - Force Play

    Looking for a rule that describes what constitutes tagging the base for the purposes of making a force play. Scenario - batter hits ball to first....

    2 77

    Started by sergevp

  • Bunt - Bat left in Strike zone but no attempt

    The batter squares to bunt as the pitch is made. He leaves his bat over the plate, but does not make an effort to lay down a bunt. If the pitch is...

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    Started by patrick_mccarthy_hfx

  • interference

    Runners on 2nd and 3rd, 2 out, ground ball hit to shortstop in the hole. Ball passes in front of runner and hits off shortstops glove. Ball was close...

    1 227

    Started by stumpy

  • Pitcher wearing sunglasses

    I had a post on here two years ago regarding the popular but mistaken belief that there was a rule somewhere that pitchers were precluded from...

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    Started by sergevp

  • ruling

    a manager has made a second trip to the mound with the same the conclusion of the bat,the umpire realizes that was a second trip to the...

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    Started by newman

  • ruling

    with a runner on 1st,1 out.the batter doubles to right batter runner round first,he collides with the first baseman.the umpire should call...

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    Started by newman

  • Extra innings

    Is the extra inning rule not used for all divisions within BNS? I had an intermediate game today go to extras but they said they didn't use it. Rick

    3 229

    Started by yarmouthump

  • Call at home plate

    Bases loaded 2 out, two strikes on batter. Strike three on the batter and catcher misses the ball. Batter heads to first, catcher retrieves the ball...

    2 216

    Started by Barringtonump

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