Is the extra inning rule not used for all divisions within BNS? I had an intermediate game today go to extras but they said they didn't use it. 


As per the Baseball Nova Scotia Handbook: Playing Rules 8.3 (pg 25) The extra inning procedure is only used in tournament play, so that would include, National Elimination Tournaments, BNS Tournaments that choose to use it, Provincials, and Baseball Canada Nationals. It's not part of the regular season rules for either Metro Intermediate or NS Intermediate.



I believe the extra inning rule is used for Bluenose league (one inning only).
Ken Hartling

Hi Rick,
The best idea would be to get a copy of the league constitution. It should lay the playing rules, extra innings included)
Having said that I will reiterate what I posted earlier .. 

  8.3. Starting and Ending the Game 8.3.1. Starting Games In accordance with modified rule 3.10 (a) (The Official Rules of Baseball), the host and not the home club makes the decision on starting any game in a tournament.  Note: In the case of a home and home series, the home team for each game is considered the host. 
8.3.2. Line-Ups Line-ups shall be exchanged at the plate prior to the commencement of the game.  All players must be listed on the line-up card.   Exception: Failure to list a player on the lineup card will NOT exclude him or her from play. 
8.3.3. Ending Games All games in BNS tournament play must be played to completion (unless declared complete because of the 10run rule) and if interrupted become suspended games that must be resumed and completed prior to the next game in the tournament. 
8.3.4. Extra Innings If the game is tied at the completion of regulation (7 innings – 6 for 11U), the following procedures will be implemented during extra innings: a) Each team will begin the extra inning (and any subsequent necessary extra innings) with a player on first and second, no out. (See example below to confirm who is on first and second).
b) The batting order of the extra inning or any subsequent innings will be determined by how the previous inning ended. (See example below to confirm who is at bat) c) The traditional system of the visiting team hitting in the top of the inning and the home team hitting in the bottom of the inning will remain in effect until a winner is determined. Example: If the last regulation innings with the #6 hitter having the last plate appearance (PA), then the extra inning begins with the #7 hitter at bat, and the #5 hitter at second base and the #6 hitter at first base. With the exception of beginning the inning with runners on first and second base with no one out, all other “official baseball rules” and “Canadian Rules” will remain in effect during extra innings required to determine a winner. 
Note: This rule was adopted by Baseball Canada and it speaks to round robin games only.