Could someone provide a correct interpretation for the updated mosquito rule for stealing home?

Rick, from the BNS handbook - 

9.10 11U B, A Only – A runner on 3rd base cannot score
on a pass ball or wild pitch. A runner on 3rd base cannot
advance home as a result of any interaction between the
pitcher and the catcher. In all cases where the pitcher
pitches the ball to the catcher and there is a pass ball or the
catcher throws the ball back to the pitcher, regardless of the
results of that throw, no advancement shall be permitted
from 3rd.
This includes attempted throws to 2nd base in a 1st and 3rd
scenario. Runners can only score as a result of the hitter
being walked or hit by a pitch with the bases loaded, or
baseball plays as a result of a ball being hit into play
I was at the Yarmouth minor ball meeting a week ago and the discussion was for AA and AAA that R3 could steal if an attempt was made on R1 stealing. This supposedly came from BNS.