with a runner on 1st,1 out.the batter doubles to right batter runner round first,he collides with the first baseman.the umpire should call time,award the batter second and award runner runner 1 to either third or home.
The play described is type II obstruction.

The umpire's should point at the first base area and announce "Obstruction", as there is not yet a play being made on the runner (The defense is not yet trying to get a runner out), the ball remains alive and in play.

It then becomes the judgement of the umpire to determine where the runner would have likely ended up (what base the runner would have gotten had obstruction not occurred).

If the defense makes a play on the obstructed runner, then  you would call time and award the runner the base he/she would have obtained had the obstruction not occurred.

Andrew Downs
Supervisor of Umpires BNS

"Every pitch means something to someone." Jim Evans MLB Umpire (retired)